Monday night, 81 cars disappeared from the lot of Scottsbluff, Nebraska-based Legacy Auto Sales, the next morning the company owner, comptroller and general manager had vanished without a trace. It's a mystery!

The disappearance of a mix of Fords and Toyotas was discovered on Tuesday morning when employees reported to noticeably empty sales lots. Adding to the confusion were the emptied desks and missing computers of dealership owner Alan Patch, comptroller Rachel Feit, and general manager Rick Covello. The three had vanished with no explanation and all attempts to contact them have been fruitless. Eye-witnesses report the cars were loaded on trucks late in the evening and driven off into the night. Scottsbluff Police are investigating the situation, but the way things are going lately we're assuming the trio made off with the cars for nefarious reasons. Perhaps reenacting the plot of Fargo. [Omaha World-Herald]