Samsara refers to the cycle of birth and rebirth as professed by Buddhism, Hinduism and other similar religions. It's also the name of an interesting album from Tom Maxwell, formerly of the Squirrel Nut Zippers and winner of slight fame for his commercially successful and often used song "Hell" which, among other things, is credited with the launch of the swing movement of the 1990s despite being a calypso song. The album, at times, is a bit too creative. Though all the songs share a theme of luck, karma and reincarnation the musical styles moves from a mock-Chinese Opera to country to a soulful strut backed up by a gospel quartet. Despite the creative movements, the record is enjoyable and includes moments like the song "Caveat Emptor" which serves as almost a musical contraption, happily bouncing along. When Seven Lamborghini Reventons when up for sale, JCwhitless was thankfully around to explain the details. Caveat emptor.

My name is JC Whitless from the Craigslist Safety Center.

We know that you have been contacted by the dude selling the Reventon for the second chance offer on his listing and we also know that the item is located in United States and the seller is in France . The shipping will be made from United States by his wife and the payment will be made in France to Mr. Darren Corfu who is a verified seller and you will be protected by us. As will be stated in the invoice, the seller has over $9000 in our account and if something will happen ( you will not be satisfied with the item ) in max 5 days you will receive your money back. So you can see the item before you give your money for good.
So it is not a problem if you send the payment through Western Union Money Transfer. We secure this transfer!
To complete the transaction, you will need to follow the steps from the invoice and make the payment. In any other case you will not be protected.
Payment instructions:

To submit the payment with WesternUnion Money Transfer, you have to:

Click here to locate the agents in your area [] Go to one of them and send the payment to the verified name of the seller..
Once the payment was sent, email the seller the following information:
1. Exact 10 Digit Money Transfer Control Number;
2. Exact senders name on file with WesternUnion:
3. Your street address on file with WesternUnion:
4. City and country where you sent the money from:
5. Amount sent:

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