When it comes to gaining an edge with sex appeal, it's hard to top Danica Patrick. But who is the sexiest race car driver of all time?

Being sexy is more than just looking good undressed. It's about looking so good when fully race-suited that people automatically think about you undressed. You have to be a winner. Losing makes you funny, winning makes you sexy. Wes, for instance, is the least funny member of the writing staff.


When we think of race car drivers and sexy, it's hard not to think of Ayrton Senna. Success is sexy? What about being a 3-time World Champion with 65 pole positions and 41 wins? He could drive but, equally as importantly, he could look good in a t-shirt. The Brazilian racer was, like many famous Brazilians, smoking hot. In addition to having the classic lean-but-strong build of most F1 drivers, Senna sported strong facial features and a handsome, full mane. What mystery was within those deep, dark eyes? Women wanted to know. Men wanted to know. Everyone wanted to know.

His tragic end notwithstanding, there are few racers as smoking hot and sexy as Ayrton Senna.

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