Just because a car costs a million dollars doesn't mean it's worth it. The word "exotic" means rare and special — but that doesn't always equate to greatness. What's your least favorite exotic car?

It's hard to top the Mitsuoka Orochi for pure awful. It's so bad we want to like it but just can't. Inspired by an eight-headed dragon, the Orochi is a nightmare. It looks like the polished skull of the Montauk monster and costs north of $100K to own. It has the same engine found in the Toyota Highlander pumping out a miserable 230 HP. While this number would be high for a Lotus, the Orochi tips the scales at nearly 3,500 lbs. We'll put it to you this way — when Wert first saw this car two years ago at the Tokyo Motor Show, he actually created a new word — "horriful."

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