Friday we asked you what car you hate to love. Today we want to know: what car do you love to hate?

We will never get tired of hating on any of the recent generations of Toyota Corollas, which are uglier and less nimble than the Corolla FX16 GT-S from the mid 1980s. Seriously, if you ask any enthusiast if they'd rather have a fair condition FX16 GT-S or a brand new, loaded Corolla they'll probably say "give me the newer one so I can sell it and buy an FX16 GT-S and three other equally awesome cars." How did the nameplate go from the AE86 to the bubbly monstrosity you see today? It's ugly. It's slow. It's cheap. It doesn't handle well. It doesn't age well. It's reliable, which only prolongs the problem.

But plenty of cars are all those things and many cars are worse. What gives us such pleasure in exercising our spite of this car? It's all about popularity. All of us know seven people, minimum, who drive a Corolla. And they love the car. For someone who has only driven a hand-me-down Oldsmobuick or a beater Hyundai, a Toyota Corolla is practically a luxury car. It's a revelation. It doesn't shake when it accelerates! We love to hear someone tell us they love their Corolla because then we can reach deep into our soul and bring out the spite. We can tell them about all the better cars they could have purchased with their hard-earned dollars. They could have gotten a stylish Fit, a fun SX4, a capable Civic or a sportier Mazda3. But they didn't. They bought a Corolla. A representation of all that's going wrong with Toyota from the perspective of an enthusiast. It's making them worse drivers. It's making them worse people. It's wrong.


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