The Roadchamp Coupe defies categorization. It's a little bit of everything, and it adds up to a very clean, very cool hot rod we wish we could take home.

Maybe it's the knockoffs on gold wheels against the green paint, perhaps the Packard aping grille, maybe it's the big boy's only torsion bar front suspension, or perhaps the Ford 351 GT-40 engine backed by a Tremec TKO 500, but the Roadchamp Coupe makes us a little hot under the collar. This one wasn't eligible for the Ridler, as it has been shown before, but this is a wolf in sheep's clothing, as long as the sheep is wearing a tailored three piece suit and knows how to clean up a mob fight. Clean, purposeful and handsome, if we had to pick from the upstairs roadsters, this is the one we'd take home. It has a brass hammer mounted in the trunk if that helps you understand how awesome this car is.