Mainly because we like rusty old rods with the propensity to kill you, we haven't paid much attention to the Great Eight Ridler contenders. But Chris Conly's 1933 Ford Cabriolet is clean and darn cool.

The Cabriolet borrows bits from several '30s era Ford products, the body is from the 1933 model while that nose came from a 1938 Ford truck — looks right at home if you ask us. The body has been massaged ever so gently for a cleaner look, and we're loving the sheetmetal detail at the bottom of the bonnet, pinned to the chassis with shiny rivets. Motivation comes via a clean 354 Hemi V8 mated to a 700R transmission. Again, this is one of those clean, simple hot rods evocative of the original era of hot rodding. Keep it simple, make it cool, and make sure it's fast. If we'd have been on the voting committee it would have been a hard choice between this car and Duecenberg.