How would you like to own a totally original 1,718-mile 1980 Pacer? Perhaps a 1970 Rebel Machine 390? Or even- are you sitting down?- the coveted Gucci Edition 1973 Hornet wagon?

New York real-estate developer Steve Green has been collecting classic 1960s and 1970s AMCs for quite a while, amassing a stunning assortment of Gremlins, Ambassadors, Javelins, and the like. Health problems have forced him to sell off some of his cars, and the auction takes place on April 3. Looking for a "one of one" Oleg Cassini Matador or the lowest-mileage '74 Javelin on the face of the earth? Get to Lowe's Motor Speedway in Charlotte next month!
[Tom Mack Classics, thanks to Goatrope for the tip!]