If you're a skinny jeans-wearing, Mini Cooper-driving hipster you can now live in whatever place is "of the moment" thanks to this supermod, accordion-style Hipster Camper.

We're behind you and your desire to have a HURL (Hip URban Lifestyle), that's why we're showing you this awesome fold-out camper that you can tow with your Mini Cooper, while listening to the Pterodactyl, on your iPhone, while drinking a mocha-frapa-chino-PBR-latté from that kitschy little coffee shop over in SoHo. This loft-on-wheels has everything you'll ever need including a bathroom, living room, bedroom, kitchen and an office so you can work on your Macbook Air while Tweeting and blogging (wait, that last one's us, s#!t).


After you've found the perfect spot with plenty of free WiFi and a newsstand with an abundance of gossip tabloids, the whole shebang pops out into a fanned 252° radius with mobile walls and floors that can slide on rails. While this mobile-loft is completely open to the elements so everyone can see how cool you are, there's a sliding screen that encapsulates everything to you won't get any pesky bugs landing in the orange-themed food that you just made for brunch.

As you can probably tell, this writer does not approve of the Playskool-themed hipster mobile-loft and would much rather live like a quasi-hobo in something like THIS. Imagine pumping Wolf In A Spacesuit in that thing.

[via Yanko]