So Louis Vuitton can make bags for a pretty non-existing car. Cool. How about making bags for an ugly non-existing car which is way faster?

You may have looked at The Auto Insider’s post about the The Bugatti Tiger V14 Edition Especiale Louis Vuitton Bilbo Baggins-Etranger Bvlgari Prete-a-Bourgouise Bouger-A-La-Bordel Veyron yesterday and thought: now that storage capacity up front has increased quite a bit with the added length of a third axle, why not stock this quad turbo mothership with supplies and go for a ride?

Yes, but we’re talking about a Bugatti here, not a pickup truck whose bed you’ll just throw a bunch of stuff on and hit the road. Even if the Veyron is more a cybernetic wombat with brass plumbing than your classic voluptuous grant tourer, you will still need bags with class.


The solution hides at positions 6 and 7 in our six-wheeled Veyron’s aristocrat of a name. Louis Vuitton made its reputation building steamer trunks for the kind of people who had stuff to float with them, people who were equally at home in Hobart or Banda Island or nowhere at all.

When you think of Louis Vuitton today, you probably think of razzle dazzle handbags of the flatland Murakami period, but they still make those steamer trunks and they are wonderful objects to look at. Quite practical, too.

What they also make is luggage for cars, which you may have spotted in our decidedly metrosexual news item from last month about the custom Louis Vuitton bags designed for the Infiniti Essence concept. We left you with a lingering doubt about how the bags actually fit in the car. Wonder no more:

All that remains now is to have someone build the six wheel Veyron and have someone else convince LV of the need for a custom set of luggage. And then stuff them with snacks and let those turbos spin away with cherry-glow abandon as you hit the road and coast straight across the open ocean when you run out of continents.