KITT's Turbo Boost is an awesome car feature, right? So, every box-crashing, Styrofoam rock-smashing Turbo Boost sequence ever, packed into one video must be the most awesome thing ever, right? It is.

Wikipedia defines Turbo Boost as:

Used in most episodes, a series of rear mounted undercarriage rocket motors allows KITT to accelerate to incredible speeds in excess of 200 mph (322 km/h). When activated in combination with the Trajectory Guidance System and a pair of rocket motors mounted just behind the front tires that lifted the front of the car, KITT could jump 40 feet (12,2 m) into the air and pass over obstacles in the road. The system also allowed KITT added power whenever he had to maneuver heavy objects such as pushing a heavy boulder off a cliff, or pulling a large vehicle out of danger. The boosters could fire forward or backward.

Robot Chicken arrived at Knight Rider's golden rule of Turbo Boost. As KITT tells Michael, "But Michael, Turbo-boost should only be used once per episode."
[via So~So's]