We drove the GTbyCITROËN concept last year in Paris, but only in digital form. According to AutoCar, Citroën now plans to build it. We may have to move to France.

Coming out of the Geneva Motor Show are some pretty substantial rumors that Citroën will build its GTbyCITROËN Concept shown at last years Paris Auto Show. The concept, designed with the help of the Polyphony Digital Gran Turismo design team, would come to market with a very limited production run.

Citroën big boss, Vincent Besson told the magazine:

"We are now thinking of a limited run, possibly as many as 20 units."

If this is in fact true, we look forward to seeing the GTbyCITROËN sitting in some mad man's car collection since it'll likely never get driven. Will it sound like the 780 horsepower Millenium Falcon shown in Gran Turismo or will it scream bloody murder from a monster V8? That all depends on whether Citroën can develop the concept's proposed quad-electric motor powertrain, but we're guessing it will either receive a Ford- or GM-sourced V8 - LS9 anyone??

Driving The GTbyCITROËN - It Might Help If You Can Understand French:

We think they may have drank a few too many Ketel One Citroen martinis, but we'll keep you up to date when they sober up and stop telling us that they love us.

[via AutoCar]