Someone with a fiery dislike of mid-1990s green Ford Escorts has set fire to three already in the Medford, Oregon area. Hide the hatchbacks!

It's unclear what the motivation is for the unknown individual or group attempting to immolate only green, second generation Ford Escorts. But, with three attempts, it's clear to local police there's a pattern. The latest incident involved a 1995 green Ford Escort filled with lighter fluid and set on fire on March 1st. This follows two other incidents dating back to February 2nd where an unknown person or persons tried to turn green Ford Escorts into toast.


There are two basic theories for why this is happening: either someone is attempting to get back at a particular driver of green Ford Escorts from the mid 1990s or, according to a local detective, "this person really doesn't like Ford Escorts."

Brilliant policing!

As a one-time second generation Ford Escort hatchback owner (our family had two hatchbacks, actually), we can't understand why anyone would hate one so much they would set all green ones on fire. They're not the best performers but we always thought they had character. If you currently own a green 1994 Escort, especially a GT Hatchback, and live in the Medford region we suggest painting it Cosworth White. H/t to Jeff for the tip!

[via Mail Tribune]