For the first time ever, Detroit iron dominated a 24 Hours Of LeMons event, with American-built machinery taking four of the top five positions (if you consider a California-built Corolla to be American-built, that is).

We saw plenty of the usual LeMons suspects at MSR in Houston last weekend, with 10 Mustangs, 6 RX-7s, 6 E30s, 4 CRXs, 4 Neons, and 4 Miatas showing up, but we also had our first-ever Infiniti Q45, a pair of Toyota pickups, an Opel GT, and an MGB-GT (which managed to get around the track startlingly quickly, in between lengthy jail sentences in the Penalty Box). In addition to Mustangs coming in first and second, we saw some other world-turned-topsy-turvy events. How about a LeMons race in which four Saabs enter… and all four are still running at the end? Sure, all the Saabs earned the new-for-Houston punishment for hitting tire walls and/or cones (old tires bolted to the car's roof), but they didn't throw rods or send major suspension components skittering off into the weeds in the first 30 minutes of the race! A four-banger Mustang finished second, a Saturn came in third, an 80s Dodge Daytona managed to contend, and the majority of BMW E30s raced for two solid days without exhibiting the usual maddeningly undiagnosable electrical woes (blown head gaskets and axle failures, certainly, but we didn't see the all-too-common cruel drama of E30 crew members weeping over multimeters and wiring diagrams).

This time I'm going to include each team's best lap time, so y'all can see for yourselves how "fast" does not equal "win" in the 24 Hours Of LeMons. Those of you contemplating horsepower-enhancing cheats would do well to note that the four-cylinder Mustangs performed just as well as their V8 siblings, and you Miata and E30 guys can go ahead and keep thumping your chests about those absurdly quick lap times… but remember, your favorite cars got stomped by a Saturn! Those of you wanting obsessively complete lap info can go here; keep in mind that a few cars may be showing too-low best lap times due to having taken what the corner workers dubbed the "Neon Bypass" (in honor of the oft-penalized Blueballs Neons) off-road shortcut around the chicanes.

Before you go check out our 95 Texas racin' machines, I've got a video that true 24 Hours Of LeMons fans ought to find quite entertaining. First, we've got one of the hairiest Integra-jumps-BMW-wheel bits ever caught on film, courtesy of the Unintended Acceleration Audi's in-car camera:

Zerin Dube, editor of Speed:Sport:Life volunteered for judging duties at the race, and he also did a good job covering the goings-on at his site. You'll enjoy the Penalty Box Punishments and the rest of the SSL race coverage.

Thanks to Zerin Dube, TheEastBayKid, Myke Toman, and a whole bunch of race team members for many of the photographs below.
When you're done here, be sure to check out the participants of previous LeMons events, including Arse Freeze '08, Texas '08, Toledo '08, New England '08, South '08, San Francisco '08, Arse Freeze '07, and San Francisco '07. I'll put up some more LeMons stuff when I get back to my normal weekend schedule, too. And now, the racers of the 2009 Gator-O-Rama:

The Top 95 Lemons Of The Gator-O-Rama 24 Hours Of LeMons

1. Formula M For Mullet, Ford Mustang
Best lap: 1:18.320

2. Shake & Bake 4 Cyl Mustang, Ford Mustang
Best lap: 1:19.426

3. The Cajun Coonasses, Saturn SL2
Best lap: 1:19.061

4. The SCHWING Team, Toyota Corolla FX16
Best lap: 1.19.274

5. 1.21 Jigawatts, Mazda RX-7
Best lap: 1:20.402

6. Polizei Und Banditen, BMW 325e
Best lap: 1:16.843

7. MusTank Racing Inc, Ford Mustang
Best lap: 1:17.081

8. Detroit Bailout, Toyota Supra
Best lap: 1:24.508

9. Z-Wrecks, Datsun 280ZX
Best lap: 1:17.597

10. Low Budget Racing, Datsun 280ZX
Best lap: 1:21.403

11. A-Team, Dodge Daytona
Best lap: 1:27.085

12. Rear Impact, Mazda Miata
Best lap: 1:19.115

13. Brawndo, The Thirst Mutilator, Nissan 200SX
Best lap: 1:23.493

14. Bio-Hazard Racing, Ford Ranger
Best lap: 1:21.335

15. Lemoncello Racing, Honda Civic
Best lap: 1:22.127

16. Race Hard Race Uglier, BMW 325i
Best lap: 1:19.467

17. Longhorn Raceworks, Toyota Celica
Best lap: 1:16.870

18. The Smoking Eunuchs, Ford Mustang
Best lap: 1:22.838

19. Never Give Up, BMW 1600
Best lap: 1:17.600

20. Stop, Drop, And Rickroll, BMW 325e
Best lap: 1:19.962

21. State Pooper, Ford Mustang
Best lap: 1:20.778

22. Half-Assed Safety Fast, Infiniti Q45
Best lap: 1:20.353

23. Medically Challenged, Mitsubishi 3000GT
Best lap: 1:22.250

24. Rum Runners, Chevrolet Malibu
Best lap: 1:26.272

25. TnT Racing, Volkswagen Golf
Best lap: 1:19.193

26. "Z" Team, Toyota Celica
Best lap: 1:18.956

27. Tetanus Neon, Dodge Neon
Best lap: 1:21.070

28. TSOL, Saab 9000 Turbo
Best lap: 1:21.428

29. Blueballs Racing (Righty), Dodge Neon
Best lap: 1:19.670

30. Warthog Racing, BMW 325e
Best lap: 1:20.383

31. White Lightning Racing, Toyota Celica
Best lap: 1:19.971

32. Apex Vinyl TX Racing, Toyota Truck
Best lap: 1:27.377

33. Smilin' Bob Racing, Honda Accord

34. Unintended Acceleration, Audi 90 Quattro
Best lap: 1:16.274

35. Pwnage Racing, Mazda RX-7
Best lap: 1:20.690

36. Sheila And The Sheikhs, Ford Mustang
Best lap: 1:17.657

37. Saabs Gone Wild, Saab 900
Best lap: 1:17.737

38. Doggie Style Racing, Toyota MR2
Best lap: 1:19.290

39. Scuderia Suino Rosso, Mazda Miata
Best lap: 1:14.182

40. Delinquent Road Hazards, Acura Integra
Best lap: 1:14.490

41. Boehm Racing, Saab 900
Best lap: 1:24.799

42. El Toro Loco, Ford Taurus SHO
Best lap: 1:19.013

43. Cupcake Racing, Ford Thunderbird
Best lap: 1:26.580

44. Team Zip Tie, Ford Taurus SHO
Best lap: 1:17.388

45. Evel Kweasels, Toyota Corolla
Best lap: 1:19.033

46. Norwegian Slaabs Part Två, Saab 900
Best lap: 1:25.900

47. Rebel Z, Datsun 280ZX
Best lap: 1:20.019

48. Team Supraleggara, Toyota Supra
Best lap: 1:21.582

49. Gold Member, Toyota MR2
Best lap: 1:17.750

50. Griswold Racing, Ford Pinto Wagon
Best lap: 1:30.032

51. Witchdoctor/Bikini Racer, Chevrolet Camaro
Best lap: 1:19.661

52. Junk Punch Racing, Ford Mustang
Best lap: 1:27.506

53. Out Of Town Racing, BMW 325eS
Best lap: 1:19.314

54. Charlie's Ugly Angels, Ford Mustang II
Best lap: 1:20.219

55. Punisher Racing, Chevrolet Caprice
Best lap: 1:17.766

56. Team Screwdriver, Pontiac Bonnelinabird
Best lap: 1:22.215

57. Flying Asses, Mazda Miata
Best lap: 1:19.828

58. Blueballs Racing (Lefty), Plymouth Neon
Best lap: 1:21.100

59. Four Jerks And A Squirt, Chevrolet/Pontiac Camfireobird
Best lap: 1:22.090

60. Guild Of Calamitous Intent, Mazda RX-7
Best lap: 1:20.715

61. Rotorheads, Mazda RX-7
Best lap: 1:16.657

62. Los Diablos Racing Team, Chevrolet Camaro
Best lap: 1:23.438

63. 2nd Gear Racing, Pontiac Grand Prix
Best lap: 1:21:323

64. Guano By Desmodus Rufus, Mazda RX-7 GSL-SE
Best lap: 1:22.457

65. Stiff Competition, Mazda RX-7
Best lap: 1:18.325

66. Frogmasters, MGB-GT
Best lap: 1:21.343

67. Los Cucaroches, Ford Mustang
Best lap: 1:20.409

68. Red Pig Racing, Mazda Miata
Best lap: 1:15.036

69. Team Fat Cat Racing, Jaguar XJ6
Best lap: 1:24.378

70. Enzo Dysfunction, BMW 318i
Best lap: 1:18.095

71. Dukes Of Hiroshima, Nissan Sentra SE-R
Best lap: 1:20.245

72. Fairlady Action Rspn Team, Datsun 240Z
Best lap: 1:18.313

73. Flying Hoondee, Merkur XR4Ti
Best lap: 1:21.392

74. FUBAR Racing, Ford Escort
Best lap: 1:29.523

75. Toxic Asset Racing Program, Toyota MR2
Best lap: 1:21.035

76. Dyin Tryin, Honda CRX
Best lap: 1:23.467

77. Opular Dependence Team Israel, Opel GT
Best lap: 1:21.448

78. Team Mazdarati Corse GTA, Mazda Protegé
Best lap: 1:22.456

79. Lost In The Dark, Mazda MX-6
Best lap: 1:26.399

80. eLemonators, Toyota Celica
Best lap: 1:24.492

81. Team Lemonade, Toyota Celica
Best lap: 1:23.608

82. Geargrinders, Chevrolet Monte Carlo
Best lap: 1:28.954

83. Margarita, Dodge Neon
Best lap: 1:20.456

84. Prison Break Racing, BMW 325
Best lap: 1:32.825

85. Team Blue Goose, Honda CRX
Best lap: 1:23.052

86. Bangers And Mash, Honda Prelude
Best lap: 1:34.356

87. Race Hard Race Ugly Soot, BMW 325i
Best lap: 1:20.153

88. Team Sour Puss, Acura Integra
Best lap: 1:23.363

89. Project Yellow Racing, Honda CRX
Best lap: 1:27.579

90. Zebra Razing, Toyota Truck
Best lap: 1:28.549

91. Alfa Dogs, Alfa Romeo Milano
Best lap: 1:24.638

92. Team Kachow, Eagle Talon
Best lap: 1:28.617

93. Beermer, BMW 2002
Best lap: 1:39.809

94. Def Leppard Still Sucks, Ford Mustang

95. Viva Las Vegas, Honda CRX
Best lap: 1:22.139