The absolute necessity of a full-scale inflatable Bandit-style Pontiac Trans Am may be questionable, but that doesn't mean it isn't awesome and we can't think of a million fun things to do with it.

The balloon/car is the work of installation artist Guy Overfelt and it will be displayed at the Emeryville, California art exhibition starting this Friday, March 6th. What won't be displayed are all the hikinks we can dream up for this beast. Fist and foremost, fill it with hydrogen, tether it alongside a highway bridge and stage a right and proper Smokey and the Bandit freeze frame. Then when enough onlookers stop to look, trigger the ignition and blow the whole thing to bits in a glorious mushroom cloud of flaming-chicken awesomeness. Of course, this scenario has it's drawbacks, namely the one time use, but we're more than open to suggesstions. [BoingBoing]

Photo credit Guy_Overfelt