We've been party to some fairly egregious transgressions in the realm of poor automotive taste, but this Russian-plated Mercedes Benz SL600 wearing a crocodilian paint scheme ranks dangerously close to the top of the list.

We decided it was in our best interest and for the health of our tipster that we should maybe remove the numbers from this car's plates, you know, just in case Alexi the Alligator should maybe not find his car and its number plate flying around the internet all that funny. In any case, this particular example of fine taste coupled with expendable cash was found in an airport parking garage in Nice, France, where it was no doubt guarding a nest of baby SLKs.


We're not sure if this would have been funnier or more disturbing if this had been done to a Porsche Cayman. Oh well, give it time. If you wish to bask in the full high-resolution glory of this magnificent piece of "art," check it in in full size HERE. (Thanks for the tip Alexander)