Think you saw the Mitsubishi iMiEV Sport Air Concept before when it debuted as the iMiEV Sport? Think again. It's now gussied up with blue paint, "solar panels" and a crazy interior straight from Tron.

Photo Credit: Automobile Magazine

The iMiEV Sport Air's aluminum frame allows weight to be limited to just 2,072 pounds. The motor gets a bump from the base-model iMiEV's 47 kW to 60 kW, helping acceleration and range, climbing from 100 miles to 120 miles.


Although for us, the story is the appearance — Mitsubishi's matched an exterior that isn't sure whether it's coming or going with an interior that seems to be at home in any techno club. It almost as though the styling studio decided to go crazy with the imaginary interior gadgetry and blue neon accents, so much so that it looks like a sci-fi wet dream. Okay, Mitsubishi, we get it, you're quirky little electric car that looks the same coming as it does going is futuristic, sheesh. Beat us over the head with it why don't ya?