Many are snowed-in out East, leaving some to yearn for a different set of wheels spinning over the white stuff. That gets us wondering which drive is better: FWD, RWD, AWD Or Four-Wheel?

While we understand different configurations are suitable for different conditions and all can generally get you where you're going, we still prefer good ol'-fashioned RWD. Frankly, it's the way God intended. If you're prone to stepping on the gas with reckless abandon, the experience of doing so with a RWD car like a Mustang is of a glorious howl behind your ears and an exhilarating rush forward. With a FWD car, even a better one like the Mazdaspeed3, you end up fighting the steering wheel as the car pulls towards the wall. How did Renault make their awesome Clio hatch even more awesome? They put the wheels engine over the rear and made it RWD. If you're doing some serious off-roading feel free to get 4x4 with full-time four-wheel drive and go nuts, but if it's snowing and you're on normal roads a good RWD car with the proper tires will perform on par with most AWD cars. They're tough, they're rugged and they're typically well-balanced. And even if they were none of these things — they're the most fun. And that's our most importance metric.

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