It's 100% certain that Porsche will never build this car. That's a shame, because we think a small hatchback would be the ideal Porsche for us.

Think about it. Such a body style would finally represent a return to the small, exploitable, involving vehicle that Porsche originally became famous for. Smaller vehicles have more space on the road, enabling higher speeds with more safety because they can not only position themselves for better vision, but allow room for mistakes too. A lower level of performance when compared to Porsche's current extremely capable range would also boost fun, offering drivers limits of acceleration; grip and handling that could actually be reached in realistic road conditions. Both factors would make the car more involving, but we'd hope Porsche would also fit high-end suspension, a relatively powerful engine and solid brakes, creating a car that may not be as eminently fast as the 911, but loads more involving to drive as a result.


Of course, Porsche is way to far up its own ass to build a car that could be semi-affordable, appealing and fun, so we'll just keep driving Subaru WRXs and pretending that we don't look like Fast and Furious extras. [via Global Motors]