Since the main Index Of Effluency rivalry at the 24 Hours Of LeMons Gator-O-Rama is the Opular Dependence Team Israel Opel GT versus the Frogmasters MGB-GT, let's see how well y'all can guess the laps!

Last time we had such a poll, I included too many choices and it was just too damn much work. This time it will be much simpler, with just two teams. The whole deal is pretty easy: you guess how many total laps you think each of the two teams will finish and put those numbers in a comment for the world to see. Then, a long time after the race, I'll get around to calculating who was closest overall, and that person will win some official LeMons gear. Maybe you'll get a baseball cap, or a couple shirts, or whatever didn't sell at the race the LeMons staff feel is best for Jalopnik readers. The overall race winner is likely to do about 400 laps, so use that as your yardstick. My personal predictions are 279 laps for the MG, 135 for the Opel, primarily because the Opel sat in a Texas field for many years and didn't get a thorough fuel tank flushing, while the MG has had its wiring completely de-Lucasized. OK, now it's your turn! You've already seen a fair number of Opular Dependence Team Israel photos, so here are some shots of the proud British Leyland entry. Check in later, as I'll do my best to provide live race updates.