The last time the 24 Hours Of LeMons came to Texas, around 70 cars made it onto the track. This time the total comes to more like 100 cars, which means endless BS Inspections.

The judicial bribes reached an all-time high, as did the number of Mustangs and Saabs. In fact, this race draws so many Mustangs that a brand new award will be issued: the Mustang That Made Us Go "DANG!" Trophy. As for Index of Effluency, the Opel GT and MGB-GT are the clear leaders (along with a sucker-fan-equipped Toyota pickup; more on that fine machine later), but they still have to finish a respectable number of laps to stay in the running. I'm way too beat to go into any detail about the rest of what we saw, so here's a big gallery to give you an idea of the vehicles that will be racing in the morning. First, though, we have to finish inspecting the couple of dozen cars that, for whatever reason, didn't go through the inspection process on Friday.