We warned you about it. We gave you plenty of advance notice. And now it's finally here. Our full 2009 Sno*Drift Rally film. Be afraid, be very afraid, because Jalopnik don't do no lilly-livered video.

This year's Sno*Drift Rally, held in Atlana, MI, brought a frothy mixture of high horsepower and tasty hydrocarbons to a quaint, rural town. Did you catch those friggin' sweet AfterEffects titles? Expect more of the same.


Right now, we're deep in the heart of Missouri to cover the 100 Acre Wood Rally here in Salem. We've upped our camera count from two to five to bring you exactly what you crave: dirty, naughty racing obscenity. If you catch us in our megaphone-equipped gunmetal-brown Saab 9-7x, stop and say hi. Press on regardless!

Photo Credit: Alex C. Conley
Video Credit: Kyle "Dangerzone" Conner and Brian "Nannerpuss" Shepanek