The Tramontana R is a bitchin-fast, cottage-built, ultra-exclusive V12-powered supercar. It's also Quasimodo-level lumpy and ugly. Would you trade one for the other? Tis a choice which would confound even King Solomon.

The visually challenged Tramontana R is sort of a rebellion against the likes of Lamborghini and Ferrari — a purpose built missile of V12 powered fury, all function over style. It's a notion we can get behind. But damn it sure is ugly. The car is powered by a Mercedes V12 available in 550 HP form or a walloping twin-turbocharged 760 HP, 811 lb-ft version. For the top-line version we're talking 0-60 in 3.6 seconds and a 0-200 MPH time of only 10.15 seconds. It gets to 200 MPH faster than a Toyota Yaris gets to 60 MPH.

But holy mackerel is it ugly. [via Autoblog]