The 2010 Audi TT RS is poised for a fire-breathing unveil at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. Now, we've got some fire-breathing teaser shots.

The new images don't show as much as the uncamouflaged spy photos from the Nurburgring, but details are beginning to emerge on the super TT, such as a 300-350 horsepower range on a rumored 2.5 liter direct injection turbocharged five cylinder with an undersquare 82.5 mm bore and 92 mm stroke. Should make for a very interesting power band. Performance is expected to include a 0-60 time under five seconds with the Germanically traditional and fun-killing electronically limited 155 MPH top speed. Also expected are further "leaked" and "teaser" images which will make us eventually recoil in annoyance at the sight of the car by the time it's unveiled. [Fourtitude, Auto, Motor & Sport (Bork, Bork, Bork)]