Fascism is bad. But if you want a 1937 Alfa Romeo 2300 MM consider yourself part of the fifth column — because for $1.2 million you can paint the town brown in Mussolini's Alfa.

We're not sure if the person who wants to buy Benito Mussolini's personal Alfa Romeo has the $1.2 million to fulfill the "buy-it-now" price on eBay, but if they do they're getting quite a piece of history. Not only did the three-seat Alfa Romeo serve as Mussolini's own quick coupe, it also raced in the Mille Miglia with his personal chauffeur, Ercole Boratto, as the driver.

In our modern version of this we see Lewis Hamilton scooting us around in a modified Alfa Romeo 8C, which is something that would cost about as much as the asking price for this piece of history (at least for an afternoon).

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