You didn't like our "Ten Cars and the Girls They Attract" feature? Well, here's our guide for gals on ten cars and the corresponding men they attract.

Certain flavors of guys always tend to purchase certain varieties of cars. Find out who you are from what you drive.

Our original Ten Cars And The Type Of Women They Attract article was so popular, especially with the ladies, that we're all but required to demonstrate the way things are from the other side. Follow us through a wide array of dudes and their choice of noble steed.

Click On The Photo To See The Guy Each Car Attracts

10.) Luxury Euro


9.) Mini SUV

8.) Italian Exotic


7.) Windowless Child Molestation Van

6.) Minivan


5.) Overpriced Ecomobile

4.) Sensible Japanese Import


3.) Rocket Racer

2.) Jacked-Up Offroader


1.) Mazda Miata