The combination of that Volvo 243 with yesterday's Ford Ranchero somehow turned into today's Volvo 240chero. This is pure madness.

Have we considered a Volvochero before? Of course. The Volvo XC70chero merely teased our pallets, prompting us to fantasize about an amino-ized version of the 240. Had we done it, though, we'd have chopped the doors off of a Volvo 245 station wagon.

This strange truck, spotted by reader Boate, is actually a Volvo 244 sedan. You can tell because of the rear taillights and lack of rear panel vent, among other hints. BUT, this person must have had access to a station wagon because the back of the cab features a hinged, we assume working, wagon hatch. This manages to be a Volvo 242, 244 and 245 simultaneously and yet, is actually a 243. Essentially, this beast is a Hatchback-Caminoized-Shooting-Brake Volvo 240.

All it needs now is a 4x4 conversion.