OK, so 78% of our readers believe the restomodded Volvo P1800S is overpriced at $69,900. We can see that, but we're going to present you with a much tougher call today: a gen-yoo-wine, low-mile Hammer!

Nowadays, a 3,700-pound sedan with a 375-horsepower V8 under the hood is pretty respectable, but back in 1987 it was utterly insane. You'd have paid over 170 grand for an '87 Mercedes-Benz 300E with the full 6.0 liter AMG treatment, and that comes to about $318,000 in 2009 bucks. So, what we have here is such a car, with just 19,600 miles on the clock and apparently in excellent condition, and the owner has set a $57,500 Buy It Now price for it. Let's face it, this thing is one of the all-time great factory hot rods and no doubt quite valuable, but is 58 grand edging into Crack Pipe pricing territory with the economy the way it is now? You decide!
[eBay Motors, thanks to John for the tip!]