Chrysler has such faith in Peapod, their iPodesque electric car, they've decided to help move the idea forward, removing all references to GEM or Chrysler and creating a new company: Peapod Mobility.

While speaking to Adweek, Peapod creator and Chrysler Chief Innovation Office Peter Arnell revealed Chrysler has created another wholly-owned but completely separate company dedicated to making electric vehicles to be called Peapod Mobility. Formerly, the Peapod was to be sold by our awesome friends at GEM.

The first vehicle from Peapod Mobility will obviously be the Peapod, a cute Neighborhood Electric Vehicle with a 25 MPH top speed, big toothy grin, $12,500 price tag and a surprisingly high-level of attractive and innovative design for a Chrysler product. Future plans include the possibility of a two-seater, van and a Peapod-amino, as well as a City Electric Vehicle capable of a top speed higher than what you can travel in a school zone. It must be a good idea, look how wide it's smiling.

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