Would you believe a 95% Crack Pipe rating yesterday? That's what the $48,500 '72 Chevy pickup scored in the poll, which seems like a pretty decisive verdict. Today we're going to Göteborg!

Actually, we're going to the Czech Republic, which is where this 1967 Volvo P1800S lives. It's a restomodded machine, the product of "2,374 work hours," and it's pretty impressive. Some might disagree with the choice of wheels, and that Svaroski crystal gearshift knob is the kind of thing Manny, Moe, and/or Jack would have put on their personal rides after hitting the big time, but that stuff can be undone. What can't be undone is the giant bite this car will take out of your bankroll; add in shipping cost from the CR and you're looking at one of the most expensive Volvos out there. Worth $69,900? You decide! Thanks to KaptKaos for the tip.
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