The gossip-hounds at TMZ report Nick Hogan's been granted limited driving privileges for business-related excursions. No word on whether he'll be painting his mom's car "p***y magnet" yellow.

Back in May of 2008, a Florida circuit judge ordered Hogan's license to be revoked for up to three years and that he serve eight months in jail after he crashed his "p***y magnet" yellow Toyota Supra in 2007, subsequently leaving his friend, John Graziano, with serious brain damage.

As we reported back in October, Nick was released from jail after serving only 166 days (nearly 7 months) of his eight month sentence and now he's been granted limited driving privileges to drive to and from work. No word yet on what Hogan will be driving, but our guess is that it'll be his Mom's car and won't be another "p***y magnet" yellow Supra. Be safe out there Floridians!

[via TMZ]