The Ford 429-powered, bar-equipped Intermeccanica Murena is officially The Full-On Raddest Car Of All Time… but only 11 were made. Where could you possibly find one? How about two, plus 5 other seriously rad Intermeccanicas?

Yes, those lunatics over at Bring A Trailer have found a Southern California treasure trove of Intermeccanica goodness, all for sale, including:
• 1966 Vetta Ventura
• 1968 Intermecanicca Italia convertible
• 1969 Intermecanicca Murena, once owned by Elvis Presley
• 1970 Intermecanicca Murena Hell Project, once owned by Dean Martin and yours for just 25 grand
• 1970 Intermecanicca Italia convertible
• 1971 Intermecanicca Italia convertible
• 1974 Intermecanicca Indra 2+2

On top of that, the same collector has a bunch of other stuff that would normally star in our automotive dreams, had we not been ruined for all other vehicles by the thought of those Murenas. All we can say is: AIIIIEEEEEE!!!!
[Bring A Trailer]