The Hulme CanAm debuted last week at the New Zealand A1GP after almost five years of development. The independently-built Caparo T1 competitor is the brainchild of 68-year-old Jock Freemantle, and totally radical.

We first heard of the Hulme F1, as it was called way back in 2005, when it was unveiled in concept form. Now it's been revealed as a completed tester, ready to be beaten within an inch of it's life to test all of the systems. And about those systems; The CanAm is an all carbon fiber monocoque with a 7.0L LS7 V8 from the Corvette Z06 and nestled into the center of the chassis. The 600 HP mill is hooked to a custom built Quaife six-speed manual gearbox and powers wide rear wheels. the whole lot tips the scales at a somewhat porky 2,645 lbs but 0-62 MPH times are targeted at less than three seconds with a top speed edging 198 MPH.

The test car got its day in the sun at the track-day reveal at Pukekohe Racetrack during the Taupo stage of the A1GP in New Zealand. With test driver Kenny Smith at the helm, Mr. Freemantle settled into the passenger seat and cooley stated "We're ready, Mr Smith." During the first shakedown run the car managed 123 MPH with no major failures, a good omen for a car destined for sale across Europe and the Middle East with a price tag of $700,000 in this open top form. No idea what kind of prices would be involved if the coupe concept version were to ever hit the road.

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