Well, hell's bells. Look what happens when you let an image slip out of the bag. Thanks to EVO and Autoblog.it, you're looking at the upcoming 2010 Opel Insignia OPC in all its naked glory.

It's still an unsure thing, but the Opel Insignia could still land on our shores as the next-gen Saturn Aura and if that's true then here's the first look at what the Redline variant could look like. We've already shown you shots of the 2010 Opel Insignia OPC running around the Nürburgring like the mad hatter, but this is the first time that we've seen the car without it's bra on and like our first time, we are delightfully surprised. The front bumper design appears to have taken a lot of cues from the Opel GTC Concept from 2007 and integrates them nicely with the Insignia headlamps.

The 2010 Opel Insignia OPC is suspected to by powered by a twin-turbo version of the 2.8 liter V6 that can be found lurking under the hood of the standard Opel Insignia, but with the added boost upping output to at least 300 horsepower. It's likely that the OPC will be badged the Vauxhall Insignia VXR in Britain and (if Saturn's still around) the Saturn Auro Redline here in the States. We'll get our first full glimpse of the production 2010 Opel Insignia OPC at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

[via autoblog.it]