We want to be like Tiff Needell when we grow up. In this week's Fifth Gear, Tiff gets his hands on a green Lamborghini LP560-4 he calls Kermit and hits the snow, sans traction control.

The Fifth Gear crew (apparently also known as "Top Gear" to one confused writer over at Edmunds Inside Line) heads to the snowy Italian Alps with the 5.2-liter V10-powered 552 HP Lambo, and proceeds to the nearest ice track.

Of course he gets the Lambo wide open without traction control as soon as possible, because honestly, who among us wouldn't? But, when that novelty wears off, Tiff turns the stability nannies back on to see just how good the raging bull is on the slippery stuff. Turns out it's darn impressive at protecting you from yourself, juggling power output, brake control and all-wheel-drive bias to keep the car going in the proper direction.


But what fun is that? By the end of the clip the traction control accidentally comes off again and it's oversteer and rooster tails all around. [WCF]