We've had four Nice Price verdicts in a row, with yesterday's 49 grand R63 AMG Benz being the latest. Can a ridiculously low-mile example of GM Malaise keep the run going?

The Chevy Vega (and Canadian badge-engineered sibling, the Pontiac Astre) wasn't exactly what you'd call a great car, what with the iron-head/unlined-aluminum-block engine and miserable build quality, but it sold in vast numbers during its 1971-77 production run. You'll never see one today, unless it's a small-block-powered monster at the dragstrip, and a tape-stripe-stravaganza Vega GT? Forget it! But hold on there, Malaise Era historians- it turns out that a '77 Vega GT has been sitting for 32 years, window stickers and plastic wrap still intact, and it's for sale. 70- that's seven-zero- miles on the odometer, and it's pretty much perfect. Why, it's even got an 8-track player for your favorite Foghat tapes, and that option alone cost $304 ($1,064 in 2009 dollars)! Sure, the Vega sucked, but that just makes a time capsule like this all the more interesting… but interesting enough to be worth shelling out $13,500? That stings, but this thing must be the nicest Vega in the world. What do you say?
[eBay Motors, thanks to Jimal for the tip!]