The ghost of Fulgencio Batista won't allow Americans to visit Cuba, but those commie-lovin' Canadians are free to doff their tuques and enjoy the presence of the world's largest concentration of pre-1960 Detroit iron.

That's exactly what our Canadian friend Fantasygoat did, and he's photographed some fine daily-driven machinery for us. General Motors products seem to dominate, from the '58 Buick above to a good assortment of early-to-mid-50s Buicks and Oldsmobiles; we also get a pretty clean-looking '57 Ford sedan and some bonus Warsaw Pact rides in the background (and we can assume that some of those American cars are motivated by Soviet truck engines). Hey, is that a '60 Corvair, brought to the island in the final minutes before the embargo? Check out the original photo album here.