In December, Chrysler's official blog posted this paid-by-Chrysler USA Today ad thanking America. The post received hundreds of negative comments. Today, after links from Jalopnik and Digg, Chrysler's pulled the entire post off their site.

On December 27th, Chrysler's official blog posted a copy of a full-page USA Today ad the company paid for thanking America for receiving a TARP bridge loan from the federal government. The post quickly drew hundreds of anti-Chrysler comments basically telling Chrysler to "go to hell" for spending money on an ad rather than, you know, coming up with a strategy to save itself.


For the last month it appeared as though Chrysler was either ignoring the negative comments or they just didn't notice them. That changed today when a link to the post went live on the-always-good-for-a-laugh Digg and here on Jalopnik, bombarding Chrysler's official blog with more traffic than it seemed able to take, causing the entire blog to shut down for an hour.

When the blog came back up, the offending post had mysteriously disappeared — along with the anti-Chrysler comments. The offending USA Today ad however, was still available to hotlink.

So what do we have to say to this? Well, we've decided to create our own one page ad on behalf of the American taxpayers. We'd like to run it in USA Today, except we kind of spent all our money loaning Chrysler the cash needed to keep their owners at Cerberus out of bankruptcy court. So, here it is — our special "Thank You" to Chrysler.