Trying to deflect from news of The Stig's real identity, Top Gear's shining bright lights and making loud noises about Graham Hill. Have they no shame? No. That's why we love them.

According to the Top Gear official website, Stiggie is actually long-deceased racing legend Graham Hill. It isn't hard to guess why Hill would be chosen for this position given his victories both in Formula One and at the Indy 500. Not only is Hill a great driver, he's also known for his wit and personality.


Of course, piloting a plane into a golf course and killing himself and much of his crew would typically be a disqualifying factor. We say "typically" because it appears his death was faked in order to provide a truly secret driver for the racing series. This was done years before the driving series so as not to make anyone suspicious.

We're sure his family will be happy to hear the news.

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