Showing you what some automakers are doing with unsold cars revealed these reader-submitted shots of dozens of unsold Dodge Challengers stockpiled at an old Canadian military base. Apparently Chrysler's taking the Muscle Car Wars seriously.

These surplus Challengers (plus Chargers and other assorted LX-platformed Mopars) are waiting at the Downsview Canadian Forces Base for the day they're special ordered by some petrol-head born without the concept of frugality or environmental compassion after trading in his dear El Camino or saucy Lincoln.

Wait, back up a moment: Canada has a military? All we can picture is a runway full of moose and a bunker packed with toques. Well, actually, we're still under the assumption they've got Weapon X stashed somewhere in an underground bunker.

Apparently, even the muscle car wars can't shield the Dodge Challenger, built in Brampton, Ontario, from the horrors of the Carpocalypse. (Hat tip to 1000songs!)

A slight PSA regarding the presentation of these photos: It's unfortunate the original photographer found the filters menu in his Photoshop. Really unfortunate. In the words of internet celebrity Maddox, it is unfortunate as "finding out you got rejected from community college, then finding out that your alcoholic father got arrested for domestic abuse, you lost all your life savings in a Ponzi scheme, and all of this happens to you while you're on the space shuttle Challenger. Then you wake up and it's all a bad dream, except you realize that you're at work without clothes on, and work is NASA and you're really on the space shuttle Challenger." Basically, friends don't let friends use filters.