Those sneaky three-headed dogs at Chrysler have slipped the 2009 Dodge Viper ACR out of the gate with a little bit more horsepower than originally advertised. That's if you consider 42 more horses "a little."

Dragtimes went out and dynoed a stock 2008 Dodge Viper ACR with only 1,350 miles on the clock and found out some impressive results. They managed to get the Viper ACR to lay down 546 horsepower and 510lb-ft of torque which means 642 horspower and 600lb-ft of torque after you factor in a 15% driveline loss. That's quite a bit of power that Dodge forgot to put out in its press material and enough to justify the unofficial Nürburgring lap as legit.

So, is the Viper ACR really faster than the current American horsepower powerhouse, the 2009 Corvette ZR1? We'll have to get these two out to a track to really know for sure (Hello? Chrysler? GM? Are you listening?). Until that happens, take a look at the video above and the dynograph below to see who really is the king of the American power wars.

(Thanks For The Tip FikseGTS!)
[via dragtimes]