As 1990 Lincoln Town Cars go, this one on eBay is quite the peach. Why the seller resorted to cheap, tawdry tactics to sell it we'll never know. But whatever, works for us. Somewhat NSFW.

Blatantly draping a scantily clad female friend or significant other across your boring ride and using the pics to sell your car is a time honored tradition in the world of cars, but pretending that woman is you and writing your ad in comic sans and using phrases like "My daddy says" is just creepy. This is just what user lindosojosss has done.


How do we know? Well, first, no self respecting woman would write an ad so blatantly sexualizing herself for profit. We know women, and they're too smart to do that. Oh, and in his YouTube walk-around video of the car, we can clearly see a hairy dude in the reflections. Also, there's those fat sausage fingers he's using to start the car up.

That being said, this is just a terribly exploitative ad with awful pictures we could barely get through. Yeah, that's going to be the company line. We found ourselves scrolling through every picture, scrutinizing them in detail out of complete disbelief, disgust and a bunch of other negative-sounding things. If you don't believe us, well, we really only read the ad for the specs, we swear. [eBay Listing via Reddit]