We had a Nice Price verdict on the super-clean '85 Toyota 4WD pickup yesterday, and today we've got something for you potential 24 Hours Of LeMons racers.

Having helped build a LeMons racer, I can tell you right now that it costs way more than 500 bucks to prep a car for the race, even if you're not cheating. That's because safety gear (including stuff like roll cage, brakes, wheels, seat, etc.) isn't covered by the $500 limit, and then you have all the gas money spent running around chasing junkyard parts, and all the money you don't make in your phishing scam while you put the car together, and… well, it really adds up. Wouldn't it be easier if you could just buy a proven LeMons winner- complete with roll cage already installed- so that all you had to do was buy some good tires, add decorations, and go? That's what Black Iron Racing, winner of the October 2007 LeMons SF event is offering you here, for the dollar figure that LeMons Chief Perp Jay Lamm has assigned to the car for future races. Personally, I think that building the car is even more fun than racing it, but that's just me; for those of you who just want to get out there on the track in a contending car- say, in the Reno or Buttonwillow events- this is an option worth considering. The question is: how nice is the price? Do you need to be smoking the serious hubba rocks to believe a race car that's been beat to shit in the most notorious LeMons event in history (a race so crunch-o-riffic, so incredibly violent that pit crews wore out more Sawzalls and sledgehammers than the next 10 races combined, so punishing to the cars that veterans have dubbed it "the Demolition Derby LeMons") is going to hold together for another race? Your call!
[Craigslist Los Angeles, go here if the ad disappears. Thanks to Vince for the tip!]