The steep decline in worldwide car sales is causing automakers to stash over-produced cars in unlikely places, like on Nissan's UK test track above. Below, a gallery of places other automakers are stashing un-sold cars.

Since the problems of over-productions are global, we've put together a selection of photos of cars stacking up around the world. Sometimes they're being stacked in strange places like the above shot from Nissan's test track. Usually, the location is more pedestrian with recently produced cars plopped out front of the factories they're produced at. For instance, Land Rovers and Jaguars are now being stacked up outside a plant in Liverpool. Similarly, Ford F-150s are piling high in Detroit near their assembly facility.

Foreign cars, primarily from Japanese automakers, have filled the holding lots at the Port of Long Beach, waiting to be requested by dealers. The same is occurring in lots and ports in Valencia, Spain and central Britain.


Still, the best use of space has to go to Nissan for using the test track outside of their Sunderland plant in England. The sight of all those Nissan Micras lined up three-wide around the banks of the big turns and in the infield is both strange and kind of sad. It looks as though they've left enough room around the edge to still drive but doing so at high speed would probably be fairly discomforting. Thanks to Adil for the tip!

Photos: David McNew/Getty Images, ANDREW YATES/AFP/Getty Images, Christopher Furlong/Getty Images, David Goddard/Getty Images,Spencer Platt/Getty Images, Matt Cardy/Getty Images, Nigel Roddis/Reuters

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