Like the green credentials and low price of the Honda Insight, but wish it had more fake chrome and add-on LCD screens? Well, if you’re from a shower-averse European nation, you’re in luck.

The 2010 Honda Insight doesn’t even go on sale until Earth Day (April 22nd), but already it’s European division has released details of the tacky accessories that’ll be available straight from dealers.


In addition to the rear seat TV screens that’ll actually be useful for parents averse to actual parenting, there’s a host of pointless bolt-ons: chrome door sill and B-pillar covers, aluminum door handle guards (for fans of fake fingernails) and some stick-on metal-effect vent covers for the interior. There’s also a flip-screen entertainment system and, bizarrely given the optional integrated item, a stick-on nav system. No word on prices, but since you can’t put a price on saving the environment, we don’t expect this cheap crap to be actually cheap. [via CarScoop]