If you want an electric sportscar but worry the Tesla Roadster isn't as fast or expensive as it could be, the Tesla Roadster Sport is for you. But what does an extra $20K get you?

Tesla promises their Roadster Sport will achieve a 0-60 time of 3.7 seconds, quicker than the 3.9 seconds the standard Roadster achieves. Power is boosted slightly thanks to a hand-wound stator and increased winding density, which we're guessing is the electric version of adding new headers and a freer-flowing exhaust.





Additionally, the Tesla is going to come with a set of ultra high performance tires sure to last a full three charges. Helping to keep the battery-laden Roadster Sport pointed in the right direction will be a revised suspension "tuned to the driver's preference" with adjustable dampers and anti-roll bars.


These renderings show most of the exterior changes will likely be minor, including "blacked-out" hood vents and black wheels. Subtle tweaks are probably best given the Tesla already looks like electric sex.

According to Tesla, this latest-and-greatest Roadster Sport will start arriving in June for $128,500 so expect deliveries in September with a temporary transmission. Full details in the press release below.

Tesla Motors introduces Roadster Sport

SAN CARLOS, Calif.—(BUSINESS WIRE)—Tesla Motors Inc. began taking orders today for the Roadster Sport, a high-performance sports car based on the world’s leading all-electric, zero-emission vehicle.

The Roadster Sport does 0 to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds, compared with 3.9 seconds for the standard Roadster. It comes with a hand-wound stator and increased winding density for lower resistance and higher peak torque. In addition to Yokohama’s Ultra High Performance tires, the Roadster Sport has improved suspension with adjustable dampers and anti-roll bars that will be tuned to the driver’s preference.

The Roadster Sport starts at $128,500 in the United States and €112,000 (excluding VAT) in Europe. Deliveries begin in late June.

“This car can beat nearly anything in its price class – yet it is twice as efficient as compact hybrid sedans,” said Michael van der Sande, Tesla’s senior vice president of global sales, service and marketing. “If you refuse to compromise on performance or the environment, the Roadster Sport is your only option.”

The Roadster Sport is the first derivative of Tesla’s proprietary, patented powertrain. San Carlos, Calif.-based Tesla plans to begin producing the all-electric, zero-emssion Model S five-passenger sedan in 2011.

Tesla has delivered more than 150 Roadsters to customers, and about 1,100 people are on the waiting list. Customers who haven’t taken delivery may upgrade to the Roadster Sport.

“The Roadster Sport embodies Tesla’s spirit of continuous improvement,” said CEO, Chairman and Product Architect Elon Musk. “The Roadster has been a great success, but no one at this company remains satisfied with the status quo.


[Source: Tesla]