When we announced the "Where's Waldo" competition earlier, we expected everyone to stay occupied for quite some time. WilliamG and his cohorts however found him quickly and now we announce their prizes.

We thought we were sooo sly, but you guys proved how annoyingly quick you can be. Waldo was hiding in the last image of The Auto Insider's hilariously headlined Brilliance Auto "Seeking Development With Mutual Benefit and Win-Win". Next time we do this we'll have to really work hard on our Waldo camouflaging skills. In any case, considering we've got plenty of goods to go around, we're going to hand out prizes to the first three valid submissions. All right now, let's tell em what they've won!

WilliamG came dangerously close to disqualifying himself by double posting, but since he didn't do it maliciously (or with the proper key words the first time) we have to hand over the grand prize to him. In only a half hour he managed to find Waldo and as a reward we're giving him a brand new, still in the packaging Geely tea set from the 2008 Detroit Auto Show.

The next valid entry came a few moments after WilliamG's submission, from camb6ell, who will receive a reward as a result of his sleuthing a commemorative Saab 92 scale model in a decorative casing. This one wasn't from the auto show specifically, but we've been waiting for a chance to give it away.

Finally, our third place winner is nairdasti and for his hunt will be rewarded with a wind up or car-chargeable LED flashlight and wearable USB thumb drive.

Our winners should shoot me an email at ben@jalopnik.com with their mailing address so we can get all those fabulous prizes out right away. Congrats to the winners, phooey to all of you who are way faster than we thought you'd be, and next time we'll make it way, way harder.