Despite the downturn in the auto industry, this year's Detroit Auto Show bore an incredible number of very knowledgeable booth professionals. Yes, they answered our questions, but they also got in some of our pictures.

Seeing as how sales figures and profits of most major automakers took a nose dive in the second half of 2008, we expected the cost savings to be extreme at this year's Detroit Auto Show. Normally the easiest way to cut cost at an auto show, or anywhere for that matter, is to maintain product rollouts and reduce headcount — we expected booth professionals to be at an all time low this year. In fact, the opposite was true, the total number of legitimate new products was down and the number of extremely qualified booth professionals was way up. It's almost as if every automaker wanted booth pro's in our every shot. Seriously, at times it was a real hassle to get clear shots of the cars.


All joking aside though, this years crop of booth workers were really up on their specs and details, they were practically fashionable, walking spreadsheets. It was amazing. Anyway, as is our custom, since we couldn't use the pictures with booth professionals in them for anything else, we've compiled them for you to peruse, should you be interested in such a thing.

Photo Credit: Alex Conley and Wes Tucker