When a car sits in the Jalopnik Fantasy Garage, and it has a 3-digit odometer reading at age 22… well, you figure the price might be pretty steep. But this steep?

We were a little startled to find that 64% of voters felt the low-mile 2001 Mexi-Beetle was overpriced at $10,900, but perhaps our readers are more interested in Barrett-Jackson-grade stuff. So be it! This GNX looks just about perfect, though there's no description other than a bunch of lo-res photographs. If it's all legit and the numbers are real, it's going to be a priceless worship object to millions of car freaks; after all, this is one of GM's all-time great musclecars, with astounding performance for its time. But is 145 grand totally out of line? You decide!
[IMMKE.com, thanks to David for the tip]