Fun as the Detroit Auto Show can be, it's exhausting. After the day ends, all you really want to do is drink. Last night we test drove some automaker bars for fun.

We decided to see how two brands under the same banner would do when battling head to head for hearts and blood alcohol content. With the fully stocked bar at Lincoln only feet away from the bar at Mazda, this was the easy location choice.


The fully stocked bar at Lincoln was pretty swank, and we put back a couple drinks while taking in the view. Unfortunately the looped video of next-gen Sync with the creepy Eva avatar ran incessantly and forced us out. We spent a grand total of maybe 25 minutes at Lincoln before moving off to Mazda.

We arrived at Mazda minutes before the staff cleaned up to close. They happily served us and offered treats. Mmmmm, brownies. Also, giant Sapporos and Asahis. As they cleaned up for the evening, they told us we could stick around, and the fridges were not locked. Home. After a few rounds, we sent for Andy who was still wandering around in the GEM and ordered him to retrieve food and then join us. Eventually the whole crew joined and the free beers dried up, forcing Pete to try and open the wine bottles with a knife.

All in all, it was an easy win for Mazda mainly because nobody was there to bother us and it was a lot more fun to watch Ray obliviously doing an interview with the Beeb across the way at the Volvo booth the entire time.